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Year 6HD





6H Mrs Harris/Mrs Devaney – Class Teachers/Mrs Voce -Teaching Assistant


We are looking forward to an exciting and busy year with our Year Six children, and keeping you up-to-date with your child’s learning.


In Year 6, the children are expected to be increasingly responsible for themselves and their possessions. This includes organising themselves – for example knowing on which day they need their PE kit and ensuring they always have their full school uniform.

Spring Curriculum Overview 2016

SATs and Class Information

Year 6 is a very important Year for your children. During this year they will be sitting important examinations the SATs. These are tests that all children in England will take during the month of May (dates to follow) The SATs are a test of what your child has learned in Primary School. It is important that your child attends school so they do not miss any important work or revision that will be taking place. Under no circumstances should you book a holiday during the month of May or the weeks leading up to test week. In the run up to the tests important revision and booster classes will take place both in and outside of normal school time. Please encourage your child to attend these classes if invited to do so.


9th May 2016


SATs Information (please click)


Some Important Information:


Tuesday and Friday:  PE kit needed

Friday – Spelling and times table test. Your child should bring spellings home each week.The children in Year 6 are expected to know all their multiplication tables and division facts by heart. Please help your child revise these – a few minutes everyday will really help.   As with reading, ‘little and often’ tends to work best. Support and interest from home can definitely make a difference.


Home Reader – Every child has a home reader to read at home then bring back to change. We encourage the children to read regularly and hope that they will all continue to enjoy books.  We recognise that many children read independently and don’t want to read to an adult!  However, all children like to share or talk about their reading from time to time and we welcome any communication from you, so that we can all support the children with their reading and discussion of texts.


Homework – Homework will be given as reinforcement of what has been taught in the lesson on that day. It is usually due in the day after it has been set. It forms an important part of the follow up lesson the next day. If your child has homework please ensure they do it promptly and return to school when asked.
In addition to the above on-going homework, the pupils receive other homework activities each week when appropriate.


During this year we will keep you up-to-date with your child’s learning.  Look out for examples of your child’s fantastic work.


This term we will be publishing some amazing examples of our writing.


Using visual images to write a descriptive narrative setting 



Continuing with our Light topic in Science, the children have been investigating refraction using water, straws and images.

Look at this video which demonstrates how a handle of a glass jar 'disappears' when immersed in oil. The children learnt that this was due to refraction, the glass handle and the oil have a similar refractive index.

Use a QR reader to watch the video of our investigation.

Our class have been very busy today investigating reflection. We learnt  that light travels in straight lines and investigated angles of reflection and incidence, using torches and mirrors. Have a look at the photographs, which show our investigations.

Our Year 6 Gallery

USEFUL LINKS TO HELP SUPPORT YOUR CHILD WITH THEIR HOME LEARNING: (A wonderful history site) (A site to help improve mental maths skills and speed