At St. Marie's Catholic Primary School we aim to provide a Computing curriculum that develops pupils’ digital literacy and equips our children to use computational thinking and creativity to understand the world around them and bring positive change to this world. Children will also learn skills across a range of topics including coding and programming their own games and apps.

In Key Stage 1, your child will have been given a solid grounding in the basics of computing, including understanding algorithms, creating simple programs and learning how to stay safe online.

In Key Stage 2, your child will build on these skills and extend their mastery of computers, as both user and creatorThe computing curriculum aims to make children computationally aware, teaching them concepts (how to predict and analyse results, how to break a problem down into parts, how to spot and use similarities and how to evaluate) and approaches to help them problem-solve.

Computing is a sacred subject

Computer science opens up for the learners the possibility of being key influencers and transformational leaders at a local, national and global level. 

The development of computational thinking and operational skills calls for the formation of learners who prioritise the importance of justice, equality, truth and the common good of all people at a global level. 

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