At St Marie's we build the foundations for our children to understand the world through Chemistry, Physics and Biology. From EYFS through to KS2 our pupils buold up a body of knowledge, skills and concepts. Science in our school is about developing children's ideas whilst addressing their misconceptions through making links with other curriculum areas to support their knowledge. Children have opportunities to explore their outdoor environment and locality to develop their scientific enquiary and investigate skills. Through our curriculum we challenge and meet our children's varying needs. We want our children at St Marie's to develop a love of science that will follow them throughout their lives.

Science is a sacred subject
Science enables us to plummet the mysteries of the mind of the Creator of the universe and inform our world view through a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of all levels of creation. Scientific exploration and discovery help students to recognise their potential and responsibility through the development of humility and the dependence on their ability to discern how to make the right choices. Science encourages students to respond to the big questions of the purpose and meaning of life as it works in collaboration with other disciplines within the curriculum.

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