At St Marie's we beieve that a child's chances of success in Maths are maximaised if they develop and deep and lasting understanding of mathimatical procedures and concepts through learning step by step. We provide a Maths curriculum which embraces and promotes the five big ideas of tecahing for mastery, coherence, representation and structure, mathematical thinking, fluency and variation.

At St Marie's everyone can do maths! We support the development of growth mind sets and encourage hard work, practice and a willingness to make mistakes as learning tools. Our mastery approach values real understanding and richer, deeper learning above speed. To develop mastery in maths, children need to be enabled to acquire a deep understanding of maths concepts, structures and procedures, step by step. Complex mathematical concepts are built on simpler conceptual components and when children understand every step in the learning sequence, maths becomes transparent and makes logical sense.

How is Maths a sacred subject? 
The ultimate purpose of Maths is the pursuit of truth. The thinking skills inherent in the math curriculum should inspire and enable learners to be innovative, creative, critical and analytical learners. Exploring the beauty of mathematics enables all learners to engage with the transcendent dimensions of life, freeing them to be pioneers, trailblazers and the inventors needed today and in the future. The real- world context comes first, and the theory comes second.

Why Power Maths?

  • Builds every concept in small, progressive steps.
  • Is built with interactive, whole-class teaching in mind.
  • Provides the tools needed to develop growth mindsets.
  • Helps to check understanding and ensure that every child is keeping up.
  • Establishes core elements such as intelligent practice and reflection.

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