At St Marie's our aim is to instil a love for History in all of our children and to spark children's curiosity about the past. We provide a high quality curriculum that is broad and balanced which will inspire children to develop an interest in and an appreciation of human achievements and aspirations.

From EYFS upwards, the children will be taught to understand the importance and significance of History in both the local and wider world. Children will be encouraged to research independently to further their own employment and facination about the topic. Through our teaching, historical artifacts and visits, we will attempt to excite and intrigue our children to find out more about events and people from the past.

We will support and develop our children's sense of chronology through a progressive curriculum following the National Curriculum. History lessons will come alive through real life experiences and be interactive and stimulating through oportunities for enquiary, research and sources, both local and wider. Children will study both cause and consequence when studying Historical events and how the actions of significant individuals have influenced events and shaped the world.

History is a sacred subject
History encourages all learners to discover the truth of the past and to have a deep understanding of the present, which in turn will enable them to make informed and wise decisions for creating a better future. History helps students find their place in the story of humankind. Children are helped to develop critical thinking skills as they delve into the rich variety of available sources. Learning to analyse and critique information and data encourages the ability to discern facts and reach conclusions, matching evidence with truth. Learning from the past helps to facilitate a better future for the common good of all God’s people.


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