Expectations at St Marie's

At St Marie's we have high expectations of our children, staff and our community. We expect high standards of all in our conduct, our words and our actions toward one another, especially in times of disagreement. We expect all to try to live out our Mission Statement' The love of Christ, nurture, guide and inspire us' in all we do. For our children, they must be here on time, daily, in the correct uniform and ready to learn, work hard and enjoy in order to succeed. We expect them to conduct themselves well, with kindness towards each other and the adults around them.

This can be summarised in the poster below, which can be seen around the school:

Expectations board.jpg

To support this, the community of adults that surround our children, parents, grandparents, other family members and school staff, are asked to model great conduct and high expectations as well. Children learn from the models around them so if adults have these expectations, then children will follow suit.

Through training in both restorative practice and trauma informed practice, we have created our Positive relationship policy that asks children to think about the impact of their actions on others in order to avoid this repeating. This can be foundĀ here.